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4 Tips for Coping with FEDs, Inflation and the Bear Market

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Updated: Jun 22 2022

Some advice for emotionally coping with inflation. Here I offer advice on how to bear the market in difficult times.


The rise of commodity prices is causing many problems. Inflation has been acknowledged as a current epidemic and it is getting consumers – and shoppers emotionally rowdy. Some people are having trouble fulfilling basic household necessities, and some even owning life's daily food commodities. Jason McGlove, a Dallas resident stated, ”I cannot even get food for my baby daughter, everything has gone up, and prices are so high.” Many others like Jason are frustrated with this economic change and have resorted to other options for survival.


There are a few places currently making a wave in rescuing citizens who are complaining of barely affording daily necessities. Dallas’ High Plain Food bank is one of Feeding America’s food bank members. High Plain Food bank is providing free food. Feeding America member food bank nearest you. This food bank is just one of several places combating inflation; over 200 member food banks can connect you with free food, food pantries, soup kitchens, and more. Your job is to find them. Feeding America member food bank nearest you. Over 200 member food banks can connect you with free food, food pantries, soup kitchens.


Bearing the market right now, and coping with inflation will take patience and wise spending.

Here are a few personal things you can consider right now: 


Go for a walk

Walking is free and costs you nothing. Although walking costs nothing, it comes with many pleasures. In addition to the mental health benefits, walking gives you a better way to control your spending habits. That means you will make less erratic decisions. 


Split payments where you can.

You have been making all these purchases yourself, why not get some help when you have to spend. Chances are most of your purchases are going to be shared among loved ones, so it can be a good idea to invite others to join in on your purchase, and help you save. There are a few places that take care of this sort of payment when spending online or in the market. You will need to find out which payment options are safeand work well for your spending.


Track Stock Spending

Track your stock spending habits to make sure you do not drown in the bear market. If you have just invested in a home and you need to make several purchases for the house, make sure you take a few minutes to jot down or track all your current investments. Tracking keeps you on track; tracked purchases to show you what you have bought and what your current assets are. In addition, your tracking should include things to purchase next that make great buying oppportunities, things to watch out for, and alternatives for paying for them.



Make a list of the things you need and take advantage of the resources you have to hopefully get those things on your list. It will take discipline to tackle your struggle with inflation to break-down costs for needs and wants. Budgeting not only keeps you on track, but it is also a great way to ensure you don’t get swallowed by the open mouth of inflation.


Stacy Mitchell is a freelance multimedia journalist and content creator with in-depth experience developing and executing editorial strategy for some of the most pressing topics in finance, including, Gen Z credit literacy, and Personal finance. Contact

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