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8 Ways To Save Money Fast On A Tight Budget

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Updated: Dec 02 2022

If you are on a tight budget and always on the go or almost always busy, you might need some fast ways to save money. 


Many of these ways will include money saving tips for taravingling, shopping, and many other little things like date nights and vacationing.


Here are 8 Ways To Save Money Fast On A Tight Budget:



1. ​​Organize Lost-cost Activities For Your Kids

Having kids are a blessing and those little minds need to have fund also. There will be times when your children will have something to celebrate like birthdays, and you may have to be the major orchestrator of the activities. When you try to provide fun and exciting activities for your kids --whether it is on special occasions or on a daily basis-- try to organize low-cost activities for them that are still enjoyable. Find fun and low-cost activities like the hackie sack and bring them to the event. The kids will love it. 





2. Babysit With Other Parents

Babysitting can get expensive, you might want to look into other ways like swapping duties with your neighbor or other people who are also parents.


Some will be delighted to help and I’m sure their help will reduce the financial burden on you.


You can also do the same for the other parents and babysit their kids as well. 


 If you do not have anyone to go to babysit for you, you can find gathering that occupy like-minded and similar situation parents. You all can babysit each other’s children. 




3.  Plan Your Meals Out For The Week

Plan your meals so you will avoid spending too much or too little on meals. YOu can try a meal calendar that details what you will eat, what time, and how many times you want to eat. Planning out your meals is a great way to stay ahead during the week. You can also jot down the days of the week and what meals I plan to cook each day. 




4. Check Your Pantry 

You should remember to check your pantry and look around to know what you already have Before You Go To The Store. At the store, you can make sure that you are not spending on what you already have at home and making double-purchases. THis is basically a strategy to avoid unnecessary expenditures. The next time you go to the store, be sure to check your pantry and verify that all your groceries are still in your pantry.



5. Set Big Saving Goals


Setting up your saving goals is necessary for saving money fast. Setting your saving goals high will allow you to fulfill your goal or atleast come extremely close to fulfilling it. It’s important to think about “your why” and figure out why you want to save money and become financially free. Why is it important for you to save money? Is your family your biggest motivator? What is your long term goal for your savings? Do you want to be more financially independent?  What are you saving for?


Set big saving goals and actually stick with them annually. You will find out that the upcoming years will seem more feasible to save your money quicker even when managing a tight budget.



6. Cash Only

Try taking only cash to the store. Having a fixed amount of cash in your hand makes it seem like that is the only amount of money you have. Having that thought will help gauge your spending and your purchases will be more geared to the physical amount of cash you have in your hand. The cash only phenomenon will help you budget better, save money and give you some quick savings. 



7. Have Monthly Financial Check in With Your Family

Brainstorm and have a financial check meetings with your family on your savings. Jot down a list of things to get before you all need to go to the store. Working with your family can help align them also with saving faster and taking control of any debt they might have. These meetings with the family will be a great way to stay ahead and to stay informed on your monthly budgets and savings. 



8. Track Your Debt

Tracking your debt is as simple and powerful as budgeting. Tracking your debt ensures that you do not miss any occurrence of extra loans or charges. It boosts your ability to catch errors and most importantly, it helps you see areas where you can save money. Use some tools to track your debt faster, beat your tight budget, and save money.


If you are stuck on a tight budget and are willing to make some little but powerful adjustments to you may need to focus on your budget plan, save big on your shopping and vacationing. In addition, look deeper into what you already have and discover ways similar to the once above to help you save better.

Stacy Mitchell is a freelance multimedia journalist and content creator with in-depth experience developing and executing editorial strategy for some of the most pressing topics in finance, including, Gen Z credit literacy, and Personal finance. Contact

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