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Local Miami restaurants for chowdown and margaritas

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Updated: 16-03-2022

We love to visit these restaurants whenever we’re in Miami.  These restaurants are about 9 miles north of South Beach and is an outdoor museum displaying some of the world’s best and most talented graffiti and street artists’ large-scale murals and paintings. Here’s an excerpt from Forbes.com, for example, about how the these restaurants came to be: The Wynwood Walls wasn’t created to attract mobs of tourists wanting to liven their Instagram page; no, it began as a way to build a foundation for the creative community in Miami.




Margarita Miami

The late Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties hatched the idea to energize a neighborhood that had that artistic potential, something the company had achieved in other cities (Soho in New York and Center City in Philadelphia, to name a few).  The idea was to create the heartbeat of the neighborhood. Every neighborhood needs a center,” explained Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties. The area used to be home to be an industrial district and the once deserted warehouses are now home to chic boutiques, open air restaurants, lively breweries, fun hipster bars and over seventy art galleries. 



Margaritas Cafe

walls food miami

While there are many amazing restaurants in the area, the top – in our opinion - restaurants in Miami are listed below.  Not only is the food and ambiance on point but the decor is stunning and worth a visit - every inch of the bar is covered with red and black graphics by artist Shepard Fairey of Obama "Hope" poster fame and it's amazing to see. Our favorite dishes are the chicken empanadas, the short rib flautas, devilish eggs, guacamole and their signature ceviche mixto  The cocktails are also very good and the typical order is the Inferno margaritas made with el jimador tequila, muddled  jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice and passion fruit juice – actually craving one right now! Enjoy salad I always order is the Wynwood Burrata with heirloom tomatoes, baby arugula, arugula puree and a white balsamic glaze!

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