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All you need is an email and a unique username to make a Brisebox Account and get started with paying for things securely with the account. Brisebox is free to use. Use your account when you're ready to make purchases. Share or donate to your wallet through PayPal.

No. None of these terms have anything to do with your Brisebox account. Nothing is on credit, so your credit score will not be affected.

You use your Brisebox Account as a shareable payment option. Your Brisebox Account provides you with Queues® that will help you share payments, to save on big purchases.

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Your Brisebox Account provides you with Queues® to help you pay for things online without the risk of fraud, debt, interest, or credit damages. If you are outside the U.S., there are some foreign fees & restriction regarding deposits. Learn more

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Exchanges & Returns :

Sometimes you might have experiences with inadequate products. In this case, do returns or exchanges normally by mail only. For most stores, you typically must do this within 14-30 days.
Order numbers, return label, & packing slip will all be provided for you.

Refunds :

Once your return is received and the credit is processed back to us, refunds go back to your Card for re-use. You can manage this process in your account or contact us

Most unopened items in new condition and returned within 30 days will receive a refund or exchange by the store. Some items have a modified return policy noted on the receipt or packing slip.

Items that are opened or damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund or exchange. Items purchased with Brisebox may be returned by mail only.

Online purchases may be returned via a major parcel carrier. Manage purchases in your account.

Stores rarely let customers use two credit cards. However Brisebox lets you use the multi-payments option..

Brisebox is the third-party wallet that provides the free tool for processing multiple credit cards.