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Protection in Brisebox

Brisebox helps protect your payment transactions with PayPal's trusted monitoring and encryption technology.

Learn how you are refunded through PayPal--Brisebox currently does not refund DBGs.


How Brisebox Protects You

Data and payments are kept safe in Brisebox, so you can focus on sending and spending money how you want. Learn more →


Brisebox collects your email and name. Once your indentifying information is quickly verified, you can use multi-payments or share the payment process. See privacy policy →


Brisebox uses strong technologies for transaction monitoring to ensure your safety. Make Brisebox your alternative payment method for better security & control of how you shop and spend.


Brisebox helps take the stress out of managing your money, so you can spend and shop the way you want to. Cards you receive are monitored to prevent you from unauthorized charges.

Account Security

Account security, data protection, and fraud prevention are at the forefront of our training.

Secure ID

Use of Username & Email

Brisebox enforces strong unique username and strong password requirements if you are not using the social login options provided for you.

Account Confirmation

Activity Confirmation

Brisebox leverages both automated and manual review mechanisms to confirm account changes such as password resets.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

We require a one-time email authorization for each new sign in to Brisebox, which ensures that only your approved devices and IP addresses can access your Brisebox account.

Brisebox is SOC 2 Type II compliant under AICPA. Brisebox works with PCI DSS-certified partners to safeguard your payment information to provide you with the best level of service.

Brisebox chooses to comply with all regulations that pertains to us. We understand that working with those elements of payment and financial systems must be handled with care, precision, and strong technologies. We conduct ongoing penetration tests to proactively prevent weaknesses, and we take many measures to protect data and payments to ensure shared payments are securely processed across our systems. Brisebox follows an established procedure for responding appropriately to potential incidents with alerting bots.

Brisebox is a licensed business activity by the Columbus's state-chartered financial institutions' literacy education program. Read more

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